Investor Allstars 2017 Charity Ensemble Pour la Différence

Ensemble Pour la Différence is a collaboration between entrepreneurs in Europe and entrepreneurs in the Eastern Congo. Together we start and grow social businesses that address the everyday needs of the people and their communities and strengthen their resolve to build a peaceful future. In Europe, we seek financial and practical support from companies and individuals who share a belief that social entrepreneurs will create a way forward. We have an office in Bukavu that channels this support into the businesses and we walk alongside the entrepreneurs on their journey, offering advice and increasingly helping them integrate design and technology. Congolese entrepreneurs supported by Ensemble have established a micro hydro electric power station, an internet cafe, a solar lamp distribution company, a hospital and enabled several cooperatives to export coffee and bring in much-needed income. This is just a sample of our success. In total, the businesses currently generate income for over 5,000 families and offer products and services of meaningful everyday value to 250,000 people. Our collective aim in the coming years is to embed a sustainable platform for progress that benefits 2 million people or 20% of the population. And build from there.


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